15 November 2010

Home sweet....homework

We've arrived back at home and I've already begun digging in the pile of excrement the profs assign every semester thinking theirs is the only class a student is taking (ha! That is almost never the case!).

Since we're speaking of homework, here's a thought- what amount of homework is proper and beneficial, and at what point does it become a sadomasochistic nightmare that is detrimental to a student's career and grades? Where is that line?

I have no problem with homework- actually, the more structure an environment such as a class has, the more comfortable I am, the better I perform. Classes with little to no structure really bother me, and I find myself having a difficult time keeping up with everything.

I've had some good profs, then I've also had the ones that shouldn't even have a degree, muh less lecture a class. This semester, I ended up win a load of hard-ass profs that wouldn't care if I was in the hospital, they'd still take points off my grade for it. I could wreck, but they wouldn't care.

I'm having enough troubles this semester- spraining both my ankle and my knee, depression getting worse, tight on money, groups in class that aren't really cohesive so I'm having to pick up the slack when I'm already taking a heavier class load than I ever have (and ever will, hopefully). I take the weight of the world on my shoulders.....I guess that's supposed to make me strong, but I'm not. I feel guilty about being out of state all weekend without my jump drive and wifi...and all my groups know I feel like I'm not doing enough, but they aren't letting me do more...so I'm really worried about this stuff, especially after the group paper I had to turn in last week.

Well, at least I'm in (kinda) the home stretch for the semester. I wonder how much I can handle. Some nights, I find myself fearing for my own safety (and I'm sure my therapist isn't too enthused with this episode). All I can do for now is keep trying my best, even though my best is never good enough- but it's all I can do.

Ciao for now ♪♫♪♫

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