05 November 2010

I didn't eat the whole cake!!

I see it's been quite a while since I've written anything...I've been so busy that my blog has gone by the wayside. I'll try to give an abbreviated update, since I'm typing on my iPod and it's a bit awkward.

Just after the last post, I took a second piece of my sister's birthday cake, which happened to be the last piece. I left it waiting for a couple days before [I thought] it was safe. WRONG!! My sister went berserk and is still complaining that Ashley ate all her birthday cake. She should have taken a stab at it sooner!! Lol. I'll never hear the end of this one.....

The week after my last post, before falling into a deep, deep depression, I turned in 2 papers- one, I got a 18.1/19 available points, the other 244/250 (why can't they just be normal and use percentages???). Well, I thought I'd do a little better after pulling all-nighters, but I still did fairly well. I started missing a lot of class because my life started falling apart :(

My parents' 24th anniversary was 1 Nov. and we went to Olive Garden. Not too exciting, except I had another paper due the next day, my printer wasn't cooperating, I ended up pulling another all-nighter and not finishing. Very disappointing.

This past Wednesday, the 3rd, I had my interview for my internship, which I'll be starting in January. Of course, being the casual person I am, I had nothing to wear.we went and bought a suit outfit at JCPenney, which really felt foreign to me, but it looked nice I guess. Except the pants were 3 inches too long and dragged the ground even in heels. So the three inch shorter pants would still drag the ground were I not wearing heels, lol.
I wore heels.
I got the position!

I've been having problems with a "friend" attacking everything I say, and being the non-confrontational person I am, this makes me uncomfortable. They're not in the least bit hesitant to voice their opinion, and they know I won't stand up and fight them, meaning they win. That really sucks....

For the most part though, things have been pretty crappy- busy (paper-writing) and miserable (depression). I'm still around though. Just probably not in the best of spirits. I'll be working on it....Ciao for now!

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