21 December 2010

Fall 2010, Short & Sweet

So, I've made it to the end of semester, as has been mentioned before. Of course, the peak of the end of semester is at finals, then the second wind comes when grades are due. Well, grades were finalized today.

Let's start with biology. And let's be honest. I have no need to know what phylum a sea mouse or sea cucumber come from. I have no need to know whether a flower will have pink or purple flowers. I'll never use Mendelian genetics for anything. And I really don't care how mitosis and meiosis differ. Honestly? I don't even give a flying shit. You know what? I still got a B. Celebration 1!!

Next comes Social Work Practice III. Now, we have 3 levels of practice class we have to take, Practice 1, which covers the definition of micro practice, II covers the details of micro practice, and III covers all of macro practice. I got an A in the first two. I kicked ass on the individual paper. I had to pull a lot of work in the group paper, but still did well on that. Rocked the presentation. Final grade? A!!

Next comes Social Welfare Policy. Now, you wanna talk about a class that's difficult? Take my policy professor, she'll change your mind quick. That class REALLY had momentum, multiple assignments to keep us moving ahead, group discussions, group papers, group presentations, and an individual letter which I also kicked ass on. This is one of the classes that I was dreading, and was told it would be sooooo hard. I was also told not to take it with the next class I'm about to post about. Final grade in Policy? A!!!

Now for the killer. I cried over my midterm. I got a 68 on the midterm exam, and my midterm average was a 78. I thought I had no hope, and I was really putting everything I had left in that class trying to pass. I was discouraged for the entire semester, knowing that my research skills, beyond finding journals, were lacking. I was at a loss. I felt like it was the end of the world. I felt like I was gonna die. I was told never to take policy and research together, and I only did it because of scheduling issues. At 11pm, I logged into MyMav, the student information system, where the main page said grades had been finalized. I was crossing my fingers and praying that I got at least a D.....but praying more for a C. The grades pull up and I'm silent.

Why am I silent? My eyes are closed. I take a peek. Oh crap, I forgot to select which semester. Fall 2010. Submit. Cover eyes. Dramatically. Approximately 11:10 I open my eyes, and let out a scream like I've never screamed before. I GOT A B!!! Now, usually, I'd be like :( frowny face I didn't get my A......but this class was tough, and things weren't lookin too good. When you're praying to God for a C, imagine how a B feels!! Oh it feels mighty good.

This semester, Fall 2010, was the most difficult semester I ever had to endure, and is more difficult than anything I'll experience for the rest of my undergraduate education. I'm still in tears, rejoicing over such an exciting event, because I still can't believe it. Hell froze over, or imploded maybe, or maybe the professor was drunk when grading my final exam or final paper, but whatever the hell got me a B in that class, I'm so excited!!!! I'm gonna rock this Christmas by hanging out and having some me time because after this semester, I damn well deserve it. Now, off to bed so I can go learn self-defense tomorrow for my internship.

Deuces, yo.

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