15 December 2010

Take a look at the stars

So, as I mentioned, a potential topic is astrology, which, although I'm deeply interested in, I do not believe in. I do, however, find it fascinating and entertaining, and I find nothing wrong with looking into it. Keep in mind, this blog is not some sort of preaching, or to convince anyone of ANYTHING, I just wanted to look at astrology because it is amusing and entertaining. There's more to it than what I depicted, which are the basics associated with Celtic, Western, and Chinese Astrology, which also are not the only types of astrology, just the ones that I've been in contact with. Remember- purely entertainment.

First off, I am a Sagittarius. My birthday was 2 weeks ago :D I'm 23. If you go to THIS SITE or THIS SITE you can build your natal chart, which tells where each planet and the moon were when you were born. You can also google natal chart and find a site you like, if you want. In addition, there are sites that explain the elements of your natal chart and the temperament that go along with them.

In my case, my sun was in Sagittarius. Here's the inner conflict. There are 4 types of signs- air signs, fire signs, water signs, and earth signs. We all know about fire and water, right? Sagittarius is a fire sign. My moon was in Pisces----wait for it----a water sign. Every site I've seen has mentioned inner conflict with this combination, and I'm the poster child for inner conflict (well, poster adult now, lol). To add to that, my "rising sign" is Aquarius, an air sign. What a combination to those who believe in astrology!!

For the most part, my planets and stars align in Sagittarius and Scorpio (fire signs), Capricorn (earth sign), Pisces  (water sign), and Aries (air sign). A little bit of everything and a LOT of fire. But, the strange thing is, I'm not a fiery personality, I relate more to my moon sign of Pisces; they are considered to be very emotional and empathetic. The moon sign is the one that, in astrology, is associated with emotions; according to www.astrolabe.com "The Moon represents the emotional responses, unconscious pre-destination, and the self-image.". So, that is a very conclusive sign that I'm nothing like a Sagittarius. Pisces are giving and caring, too, which is something that (I think) I like to associate with myself.

There are a lot of interesting elements in my natal chart that (coincidentally or not) I can relate to, and that describe me very well. That was a look at Western Astrology- Now for a look at Chinese Astrology. If you go to THIS SITE you can figure out the combination of your element with your animal.

I'm a fire Rabbit (does that surprise you? Another conflict?). In fact, one site equates the rabbit with the Western astrological sign of.....Pisces, my moon sign. Isn't that great? Some of the traits- such as the need to avoid conflict, and the varied interest in a billion different things that are unrelated- are dead on. Chinese astrology is a bit more limiting, as it doesn't consider the planetary arrangements, and thereby isn't quite even "astrology".

Now for a turn to Celtic astrology, one that in particular amuses me. I wasn't able to find the site I used to last determine my "tree," but my tree is the Ash Tree. Because they divide the calendar and assign trees to certain weeks, is it merely a coincidence that I was born in the week of the Ash Tree and my parents named me Ashley, which means "meadow of Ash Trees"? Just a tad bit of interesting information, I thought.

There are many types of astrology out there, each with their own methodology of determining signs and assigning them traits. It's kind of fun to know about this stuff, and look at the descriptions, and go "oh my gosh, that sounds like me!!"

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