02 March 2011

No better high

It's funny how we get so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget the little things that actually got us there. The people who have supported us, that one teacher that always helped out, that one friend that was always there; we get into this life as we become adults where we sometimes forget what it is that is driving us in the first place, and we become so task-oriented that we lose a sense of everything else that's going on in our lives.

I've kind of hit that place in my life. I've kind of lost a sense of self, because I'm putting it all into everything I'm doing, and in that process, all my friends and leisure (if I had anything that even resembled leisure to begin with) are dissipating into the distance. I feel so wrapped up in this world that when I'm not wrapped up in doing something, I wonder what it is that I've been doing all this time!

I guess it kind of gets like that when you find something you love. Anything we love. We tend to want maximum satisfaction from those things that make us happy, so we need to make the most of them. Right now, I'm doing great. This internship thing, even though I'm not paid a penny, is giving me rewards every day, when I go home and think of the things I have said, the things to say tomorrow, and everything in between.

Working with adolescents who deal with substance abuse issues isn't exactly easy, but it's so (ironically) addicting, and every high makes me want to return the next day and do something even better. It's great to say that what I'm doing every day is aiming to help people achieve goals, to make things more accessible to everyone, to help people fulfill things in their life that they may not be able to otherwise. I may not be getting paid glamorous amounts to do this, but it's a gift in itself. I don't have to have money in my hand to feel good about what I'm doing.

In the process, though, I'm leaving out the people who have been there for me, so I thought I'd say a little hello to them....HELLO! Anyone who reads here knows that I haven't been posting that much lately, mostly because my entire life has become so busy that I hardly have time to breathe, and sure, it's tiring me out, but I still feel great. And that's the whole object of life, right, to feel great about what you're doing? To me, there is no better high.

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