07 May 2011

Crocodile Isle

I had a dream, while trying to sleep off a headache (which is still there....persistent buggar)....that people would raise children, and if they had more than one daughter, they would take them out to dinner, where they got to choose the color cup they drank out of....little did they know, they were choosing the color "shell" they would have when they were cooked.

They gave the daughters a chance to grow a little, so that they could know their personality and behavior, and choose the "better" daughter to keep alive, while the other would be eaten. By the family. The shell was kept for the male son, if they had one, or the next male "heir," to be melted and formed to fit him and add to his wardrobe. It was ultimately up to the father which daughter got the oven.

They never told the daughter to be cooked, however, that was happening. The rest of the family knew, but it was some kind of understood rule that nobody told what happened in "that place". That place being a "new restaurant" in town that was too expensive to eat at....unless your daughter/sister was up for being eaten. They never ate male children, just female.

I was the one that got eaten. Naturally. Oddly enough, in this dream, I had lost a lot of weight, and was very slender and actually pretty. It was shocking. My shell was blue. Somehow, I had awareness of what happened even after I was cooked. It was just weird.

The other dream I remember had a Big Brother-esque sort of feel to it. In fact, I may have been a character in 1984, except the events happened differently. I was captured and repeatedly psychoanalyzed, but after years of psychoanalytic therapy, they gave up on trying to help/change me so that I would cooperate with their rigid guidelines.

For some reason, I always have strange dreams, but for no particular reason. These are not quite as strange as some of the others- like the one where I was adopted, and my adopted parents sent me to a boarding school on an island in the middle of a swamp guarded by a very oversized alligator, but the school was just more of a....slavery run household- they had several children working there, and the family themselves were allowed to leave the island, but the children got eaten if they tried to leave.

I'm afraid of what a Freudian would think about the content of my dreams.....

And I still have a headache. :/

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