07 May 2011

The day of FAIL

So, on Wednesday, I had the ultimate day of fail. I mean, by 2pm, I was ready to be at home, in my pajamas, sleeping. It would be so much cooler if they were pajamajeans which I discovered on the blog Sara Swears a Lot. I decided to write this post today- rather than that day- to allow the dust to settle and myself to think more clearly. It's been a post in progress for several days. So what happened Wednesday, the day of FAIL?

To start out not just this wonderful day, but any, my alarm didn't go off. Why didn't it go off that day? I don't know. I didn't have class, but I did have appointments to attend to. To make it better, I had forgotten to turn my cell phone OFF silent, so that alarm didn't go off either.

I called [destination] to see if parking lot was still closed due to neverending, painfully annoying, pointless campus construction, to which they said yes, so I had to park in the parking garage. Splendid. In walking to the building, I happened to see that aforementioned parking lot was not only open, but there were almost no cars parked there. It would have been free parking as usual, had the person operating the phone known what she was talking about. It ended up costing me $4.50 to park for an appointment. *Glare*

Upon arriving and signing in, I started to walk to the elevator, and heard a popping sound, but thought nothing of it. A few seconds later, I reach to my bag to pull my drink out (I always carry a drink), and I realize the bottom is soaked. Oh crap. I look in the pocket where it was, and what else is sitting there but my iPod touch (which is now no longer covered under warranty)!!! The other lady in the elevator lets me go to the basement to empty the contents of said pocket, which had a few ounces of liquid in it. My iPod, unfortunately, has not started working again yet. I'm at a loss. I love my iPod. I miss it. I'm dying suffering unhappy without it, but I can't afford another.

I'm late to my appointment. Come to find out, I've also gained 10 pounds. In 2 weeks. :(

After appointment, I begin driving down I-30 toward my internship. Suddenly, I'm sitting at a standstill, on the highway, and I get fed up and take the next exit to the side road. There was a truck accident that I saw, but only after I had turned onto another street and crossed the bridge. I figured I'd be able to find my way from there....but let's all remember that I'm directionally challenged. I once got lost in Dallas for 2 hours, one block from my destination because I didn't know the street changed names at the next intersection, and I was helplessly looking for that street. Inevitably, I got lost. I was running late, again, this time because I made the wise foolish choice of trying to take a shortcut.

I got hungry. I saw a place to stop and get food. I order, then pull to the window to pay. When I reach in my bag to pull out my debit card.....it's right there oh shit I can't find it!! 3-4 cars, maybe more because I can't see around the side of the building, sitting behind me, and I'm digging through my bag for my debit card. I know that I have it, because I just had to pay for the parking garage.

I hand it to the girl at the window. She slides it and tells me it's rejected. WHAT?!?! She tries again. Same thing. WHAT?!?! She goes to get her manager. Card goes right through. Thankfully.

I decide at this time that I'm gonna go try to get back on the highway. I figured, if going <<this way leads down this street, than turning around and going >> that way will lead back to the highway. Then I saw I street name that I knew had an exit to I30, so I took it. I didn't know it was a 4 lane road and also had an exit to 820. And that you had to be in the correct lane to get to the correct road, and that someone had marked out the directions that told me whether I'd be going west or east. So I took a shot, almost ended up going the wrong way, but ended up being one of those assholes lost people that switch lanes all the way across to the other side at the last minute.

I had also forgotten that just after the place where I would have entered the highway, they were doing construction at Beach Street from a 50 car pile up that happened recently, and had two lanes closed. Meaning there would be traffic. Spectacular shit How unfortunate.

I reach my internship late. This happens very rarely, thank goodness. The program director, who is also my field instructor (I have weekly meetings with her and whatnot) was soon to be on her way out the door. In a rush, I run that direction, hoping to catch her (and I did). She understood. She handed me the form from last week, which I had absentmindedly left on her desk. That's why I was one log short. *facepalm*. All that rushing for a stupid mistake.

Then I realize I've left my drink that I'd bought with my food in my car. Okay, so I drop my stuff off at the residential unit, and I go to get my car keys. They're not where I usually put them. I start pulling things out of my suitcase mini-mansion bag, and it takes a while, but I find them. On the way out the door, I use my side to hold the door open, and I ram my side into the doorhandle. OUCH! I still have a little bruise from that.

After that, it's only little things, like forgetting to turn my phone to silent, and it goes off during one of the group sessions, not being able to do my individual session until after the groups and dinner were done, having to type up multiple notes and not leaving until really late (I'd have to pull out my time sheet to remember, but it was after 10), etc. which just perpetuated the bad feelings that had been building all day. I went home and crashed (not in the car, in my bed).

Luckily, Thursday was ok. Nothing went wrong except that my professor didn't show up for his office hours, but maybe he had a day like my Wednesday. I found out that I got a perfect score on the exam I submitted (grades for psychology- 80-100-100-100-100-x*), and I found out that my wonderful economics professor decided to let us have a take-home final (but I'm not supposed to tell) so that was good. I did find out that I missed being able to go see my cousin, whom I haven't seen for years, because he was in town, but my cell phone hadn't had service at my internship. Oh well, family group went well, and I had a pretty good day otherwise. Oh, and my iPod is still not working :( Oh welllll....

*I haven't taken this exam yet. It is due this coming Thursday. It's take home, though, so I'll probably do pretty well.

I'll be finding out my grades for certain when the semester ends, but I know this much:
Social work: I had some points taken off for various little things, enough to take me down to a B instead of an A....
Psychology- Unless I fail miserably on this last exam, I'm pretty sure I've got an A
Economics- If I only turn in my homework and do okay- C (which is all I need to transfer, and it won't affect my UTA GPA). If I turn in the final and do well, it's possible that I might get another B in a class I absolutely loathe. I'm just not economics oriented. Not my major. Thankfully.

Deuces, yo


Shar said...

Oh wow! What a day!!! I hope you do great on your next exam! And I also hope that you don't ever have a day like Wednesday again, it sounded pretty terrible!

XO Shar

Lauren said...

Whenever I have something important to do or I have to be up way earlier than usual I convince myself that none of my alarms will work. With my blackberry I haven't had this problem but w my old phone I'd sometimes fuck up am and pm and not wake up.
P.S. In response to your post on my blog, I just followed you on twitter. I don't have it on my blog so that strangers can't find me. (doesn't apply to fellow 20sbers, you actually could have found me thru my profile there.)

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

Haha I followed you back :) I never would have figured out to look it up on 20sb....duh Ashley! And I've got a lot of (but not all) my clocks set on 24 hour time, instead of 12 hour time, to keep myself from mixing them up, lol.

That makes sense, the whole strangers not finding you thing....having been stalked, I know where you're coming from ;)

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