03 June 2011


I just thought today, it would be a little funny to look at some of the situations I've been caught in either in the distant or recent past; some of them built up a lot of anticipation only to realize...darnit, there's a catch. You know, that situation that you're like oooo, this is good, this is great, EXCELLENT..... oh wait, damn, this actually isn't as great as I thought. Yea, that's kind of what I wanted to look at. Those facepalm moments. Some of them I just threw in there that haven't happened to me, but I've seen them happen, and I really feel bad for the person they've happened to, but most of them have actually happened to me.

For those not speaking my language-
  • Yay- excellent! A good thing has happened
  • Facepalm- palm of hand meets face. That sucks.
  • Double facepalm- both hands meet face. Shock and amazement at the suckishness.
  • Headtable- drop your head on the table. That is amazingly horrible, and I really don't want it to happen.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not being pessimistic here, I'm just kind of looking at the ironic situations that sometimes make you look back and wonder how you fell for it. I know it's got negatives, but it's all in good fun. It also kind of helps to know you're not alone...we've all had these kind of situations where we just feel like...oh man, that sucks.....we all get stuck in situations like these sometimes. I'm just in a little bit of an irritated mood, so this is my backhanded note to the person I'm irritated at without actually writing to them. Enjoy!

Yay- Catching the things you want to buy while they're on sale!
Facepalm- Catching the things you want to buy while they're on sale, but you have no money, or they're out of stock.

Yay- The sun shining
Facepalm- The sun shining in your eyes driving down the highway when you're trying to see
Double Facepalm- You're driving in Texas (DFW to be specific)
Headtable- It's rush hour, you're downtown, and there's a wreck

Yay- Getting a coupon
Facepalm-The coupon expires within a few days
Double Facepalm- Getting a coupon that limits your purchases so much that it's pretty much useless anyway

Yay- Finding a coupon
Facepalm- Finding a coupon that has expired....recently.

Good- Finding something you thought you had lost
Facepalm- That something you find being messed up somehow
Double Facepalm- Finding out that it's beyond repair

Yay- It's raining! We need it.
Facepalm- It's raining! On your parade.
Double Facepalm- It's raining, hailing, thundering, and lightning, and you really did have plans
Headdesk- All of the above, and add tornadoes, subtract shelter.

Yay- Sleeping!
Facepalm- Sleeping when you're supposed to be doing something else
Double Facepalm- Sleeping when you're supposed to be doing something else, and it has a negative after-effect

Yay- Meeting with someone you've missed for a while
Facepalm- Finding out they didn't really care

Yay- Weekends
Facepalm- Weekends after a busy week, where you're forced to spend the weekend doing homework.

Yay- Jokes!
Facepalm- When you're the target of a bad joke (I was today :( it sucked, but I survived I guess)

Yay- Going for a drive
Facepalm- Going for a drive and getting lost
Double facepalm- Going for a drive, getting lost, then running low on gas
Headdesk- Going for a drive, getting lost, then running low on gas in the middle of nowhere, where you can't stop and ask for directions, fill up on gas, and your phone has bad reception, and there are no landmarks to even have someone help you get un-lost. [edit- head-steering wheel?]

I'm still laughing at myself for the last one, because that one really did happen to me. I went to Cleburne for something, I don't even remember what now, but I ended up not needing it. On the way back home, I was trying to take a road back home, but there was some construction going on, so I tried taking a different road, but the directions my mom gave me didn't make sense. I tried finding a different road I recognized, but after a while, buildings and roads gave to farmland. I had driven to Cleburne more than once that week, not realizing the one day had been a holiday, so I had forgotten my tank was low. That day, I looked down, and realized I was low.

I called my mom, but she wasn't near a computer and couldn't give me directions out there. I called my dad to see if he could pull up a map on the computer, but in all this farmland, there were no street signs, and most of the roads were CR (insert random number), posted on a teeny sign. I was panicking because my signal wasn't that great to begin with. It didn't help that my phone was dying and I hadn't yet gotten a working charger for the phone I currently have. I ended up being somewhere in Godley (some small ass town out in the middle of nowhere) but somehow navigated myself to a town closer to home. Thank goodness, because much longer in the country, and I would have deteriorated. I'm not a country girl. I was not made for the scent of cowpies and skunk.

Have any situations like this happen to you recently (or even not so recently)? Feel free to add them. I need a laugh, you need a laugh, we all do occasionally, right? These are my *facepalm* moments.

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Texchanchan said...

Oh, yes, I remember once when I lived in Clear Lake City (an outlier of Houston) I went to a meeting at some other outlier town. If Houston was a clock face my house was 5:00 and the meeting was about 30 miles away at somebody else's house at 8:00.

Late at night we broke up. I hit the road, which was a two-lane (total) ring road, and soon got into fog. Then I saw my gas gauge was on empty. Then I saw I did not have my purse. So I turned around and drove back to the people's house. It was now after midnight and I had to wake them up.

Purse in hand, I got on the road again and stopped at a foggy, but otherwise well-lit gas station and discovered I had no money besides a 2 dollar bill. Fortunately, that bought some gas and I got home safe. I still remember how welcome that apartment looked in the bleak fluorescent light at 2 a.m.

Sometimes I think part of me is still there.

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