07 June 2011

Tidbits of it all

I'm in one of those moods where my brain is a little bit of everywhere today, you know?

We had a snake create a habitation in our garage recently. I was a little peeved, and afraid to walk in the garage for a few days. In fact, I wasn't comfortable for a few days, until I had been reassured with the gruesome story of his death, although I would rather not have heard the story. We also had the aircon go out on the side of the house where my room is at, making it like an oven in the triple digit Texas weather, but I survived, and spent most of my time away from home in air-conditioned areas. It is now fixed, and I am comfortable. Thank goodness!

So, I had some appointments at the university today before my first class of the summer semester. I ran into some really bad drivers. No, I did not literally run into them, although I somewhere, deep down, probably wish someone else ran into them, because they were kind of asshats. You know, the people that can't stand waiting in line, so they just jump out of line and drive around everyone else, whether it's safe or not? Both of them were driving Mercury Le Sabres.**

Afterward, I went to fill up on gas, since my gas gauge was kind of telling me it was time for some food. There was this creepy guy on the other side of the pump, and he asked me if I could loan him some money to fill his tank, but I told him I didn't know how much money was in my account, and I couldn't afford to overdraft (which was being absolutely honest, so at least I wasn't lying). As I was pumping gasoline into my car, the cops pulled up, and approached the guy. He was sitting in the cab of his truck, waiting. They asked him what was going on with him begging other people to buy him a tank of gas, and he told them he was out of gas and had no money. They told him he shouldn't approach people like that. I don't know if they left or what, but I made sure to keep track of my total, $31.86, just in case this guy crept around after me to try to fill up on my card. I really couldn't afford it.

I went to my social work class. 'Tis going to be a challenge. Heavy group paper due in July, where we have to create some kind of intervention for something that we believe is a chronic problem. We have to create a personal kind of thing where we talk about our identity and what makes us who we are, what makes us want to be social workers, and create a pie chart of how much we think each little part influences us. We have to write a paper evaluating the effectiveness of our agency. We also have to write a letter to a "prospective" incoming intern (ie We're not putting names on it or anything), including things we want to tell them and whatnot. Have I mentioned that this is on top of completing our internship hours and supervision and going to class? Plus I have another class in the second half of the summer. This will be a challenge. 2 months until graduation. 2 months. 2 months.

Speaking of, I found out when my commencement will be, even though it will be long after I receive my actual degree. I'm still sort of excited!! December 16, 2011. Yay Class of 2011!!! (Please, please let me pass...lmao)

So...life will be busy. Blogs may be scarce. I will try to do as much as possible. I may do most of my posting on the weekends, even though that's really my reserved "homework time" (as of right now anyway). Is anyone else doing anything interesting over the summer? Taking on any big projects?

See how frequently I'm switching around? That's kind of how I am lately. Really having a hard time staying on topic. Recent changes probably won't help that, but I'm okay with that. I'm a little scattered, but I'm getting everything done, and that's all that matters in the end. Now I just have to be certain I can keep up with and remember everything. I also need a creative idea for my personal identity thing. A creative way to present it, I mean. I have a lot of creative people read this, so maybe someone will suggest something (this is the part where someone jumps down to the comments and suggests something...soon....it's due the 21st....thank you and I pre-emptively love you)

Oh, and I like this new blogger in draft thing. It's really cool. Blogger, if you see this, keep mine like this. Please. It's much easier to navigate. Thank you. ***

**I have nothing against Mercury or Le Sabres. I just happened to notice that both of them were driving the same color, make, and model of a vehicle.
***Despite the ease of navigation, I am still having issues reading some of the blogs I'm following. What's the deal with that? I'm getting frustrated.


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