24 July 2011

Dream on

Last night I had this spectacular dream, and I really wish this is the way I could go about removing everything from my room for the re-carpeting after the disaster from the hot water heater thing.

I was able to start with the non-essentials and things I rarely use, like my printer, desk, bookshelf, and TV stand, move this as well as my dresser into my brother's room in order to at least start sorting things out in my bedroom. It gave me a ton more space to work with, and I felt more confident sorting things out this way.

You know, it's very daunting when you have a ton of stuff in front of you, and you have to figure out what to do with it all, and you just end up moving it to where it looks a little neater, but it's all still there. It's to that point with me! I have all the things I want, nothing I want to get rid of, and nowhere to move anything right now, so in order to prepare for moving things out of my room for re-carpeting...I really don't have many options!

I haven't talked this idea out yet, but when I was dreaming it felt like reality, and it felt so good. I ended up sleeping later than I had planned. I still have stuff I'm unearthing that smells like sewer water now that it's been in the dark & wet for so long. I had a footboard underneath my bed that was supposed to at one point actually be attached to my bed, "we'll find the part," but that never happened. There was stuff underneath it. Just like I have sets of curtains that were to be hung in my room, "we have the pieces," and I told them I only had 90 days to make sure they were the right width; alas, more than 2 years later, they sit on my windowseat still in their package.

I want to start this process of moving things out, such as the filing cabinet, printer, desk, dresser, bookshelf, chair, some of the stuff in my windowseat (which I'm now hoping wasn't affected), my TV stand, which would leave only my bed and closet to sort through, and I feel like that might make things a bit easier. But where would we find all the boxes for this sort of stuff. And once we got sorted through all of it, where would all of it go? It could go in my brother's room temporarily, but he needs re-carpeting too, and I think they want to do it on the same day. Where to then? I wish this were a much easier process. Taking things apart, moving them around, and moving them back in. Perhaps I should downsize all the stuff I have, since I'll be moving out soon anyway, hopefully, when I get a decent job out of college. I can only hope. It's just scary though, looking at it all together, I want to look at it piece by piece, but I can't do it that way when it's like this.

That process in my dream? I can only dream. Dream on.

*groan of frustration*



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