11 July 2011

Final Exam, First Day

So, today was my first day of classes...

or so I thought. I wasn't too happy to be up as early in the morning as I was, and I struggled to make it to class on time. This meaning I was dragging my ass out of the house at the last minute, hoping to make it to class on time, because I am the epitome of a non-morning person (and I've tried doing mornings. Apparently, I'm not doing it right).

I'm super-hyped when, even after my stop at QT (no morning is complete without that stop), I happen to make it to campus with precision timing, with enough time to run to the building and slip into class on time. What luck!

I slip into class, and the woman hands me a test. Everyone else is sitting down, pulling out their materials, including a scantron (for those who don't speak college-student, that's what we call those little forms you bubble your answers on). I look bewildered at the instructor, ask for a scantron, then sit down and take the exam, hoping that it's something that I haphazardly missed in an e-mail, planning to ask the instructor after the exam. I notice that a lot of the questions really aren't psychology related, but I go ahead and take the whole exam.

This is the scantron I was supposed to have. Credit

After the exam, I go to turn it in, and I asked why all the students knew about the exam. Was there an email sent out that I happened to not receive? She responded to me "We have an exam every Monday, remember?" as if I've been in some memory-wiping traumatic accident.

I look at her with a blank face. "This is Life Sciences Room 122, right?" "Yes, it is, you've been in this class, right??" By this time, she's probably thinking I'm a bit loony. I know my class is in LS 122, I made sure to put it in a note on my phone last night. I pulled it out to verify.

I look down at the exam. At the top, it reads "Drugs and Behavior Final Exam"

I've just taken the final exam for a course I've never taken. If she hadn't ripped up the exam when she put two and two together (and I said, "this is Summer II, Abnormal Psychology, right?), I would wonder how I scored on the exam, seeing as I had been an intern in a rehab facility for half a year. Not to mention that I had actually signed up for (and subsequently dropped) this class, because I thought I could be a psychology major

Summer II starts the 12th of July. That's tomorrow.

Well, no sense in going back to bed now. Oops. Now I can facepalm myself, and tell younger students, "Hey, it happens to everyone, even students who have been going to college for six years."



Chelsey said...

Hahahaha- oh my word. That is ridiculously funny, sounds like something that would happen to me but by the end of the day I wouldn't have even noticed I was in the wrong class.


♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

I only realized after I finished the exam....and heard some kids saying something about it being a good class...then I knew something was afoot...lmao

Texchanchan said...

That is a college nightmare come to life. I don't get them, but everybody else that went to college does, and they're exactly like that!

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