11 August 2011

Day 10: Time Machine

Day 10: A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of You & A Current One
Today, we will look at me over time. There will be pictures. I don't have excerpts of my writing, so it'll just be pictures, and some commentary.

This row- approximately 10 years ago. I don't look much different, really. Except the horrible glasses. Yes, my hair length dramatically changes- I cut it every 4 years or so and donate it so they can make wigs with real hair for people who don't have hair, i.e. cancer/chemotherapy patients, people with alopecia. I donate to Locks of Love.

Just a bit over 10 years ago...ok, maybe more like 20 years ago; I was cuter then, and wanted to share. Because, you know, I was cuter. Much cuter!! Aww...

A few more random pictures, more than 10 years old. Just because.

Ok, enough of the old pictures, time for more recent stuff!
2007- I was really thin then!!
2009- I decided to dye my hair darker...and I'm more than a little chubbier
I couldn't get Blogger to cooperate, so 2005 is after 2009. This is a pic from the day before my high school graduation. Now I'm finishing college. Refreshing. I don't have all the cords this time though...Yes, I also cut all my hair off again. Second time. Note how long it is again in 2009 (above) though.
2010- My "I-just-chopped-all-my-hair-off-again" image...I'm pasty white because it was April and I hadn't had any sun. I'm now preparing for my 4th donation, if you notice how much longer my hair is below (after just one year)...
Finally, my most recent picture. Since this is a scheduled post, allowing me to study for my final psychology exam, I actually took and added this photo the day before my last day of university, 10th August, 2011 (Which is actually Day 9, but this blog will post on Day 10). It is my "most recent" photo. Have I mentioned I love reading?
It's kind of funny, though, that in the past 10 years, my face hasn't aged much. Actually, not funny, more annoying...I still get carded to go to rated R movies, and I'm almost 24. Sure, I've gained and lost and gained weight over time, but I haven'r really gotten to where I look much older...the stress really hasn't made me look older yet. I guess that's a good thing, right? I mean, if stress made me look older, I'd look like I was 50 by now...plus the sun...it's amazing I still look fairly young.

Most of my pictures, I know the approximate date by: a) the folder they are in; b) the hair length; c) the shape/color of the glasses/lack thereof; d) the relative chubbiness of my face; e) background cues (i.e. decorations in my room, clothing, location of photo). Otherwise, I can't really tell you. Just a guess. I know one of them is a yearbook photo...the one with the date on the photo is obvious...and now the digital ones put themselves in folders by date. Before 2009, I don't have that.

So there are a lot of photos of me. Ta-da. Now that I've plastered my face all over a blog, I can go try to find my self-esteem...and tell it that I'll be ok, because I chose some of the better photos...really. Except for those glasses...how did I ever make it through school with those glasses...why did I choose those?? I make much better choices now...and I don't wear them in pictures! Ta!



Unknown said...

Ahhh you look exactly the same just different hairstyle LOL. It's good to look young, trust me :)

Alicia said...

Those are great pictures! I love seeing all the different ones.

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

I know I look very much the same, lol, that's why I have to take extra steps sometimes to tell how old a picture really is :P

Rosa said...

Stopping by from 30 days.
Those are great pictures! Thanks for putting up more than one, it was nice to see all of them.


Becca said...

That's awesome that you donate your hair. I have done it once and am hoping to do it again in a few weeks :)

Glow said...

Nawww bubba Ashley :P

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