03 August 2011

Random Whatnot

Allergies. They are so killer. I want to saw my nose off and gouge my eyes out. I can't breathe through my nose. My eyes are watering, and they itch horribly. My head hurts. I'm cold. My nose is runny. Yet I still can't breathe through it. WTF?

And it makes it a bad idea to even try to wear makeup. I had a presentation tonight. I decided to look up what kind of mascara might be ok to wear if one has eye allergies. Even clear mascara didn't help (and it even said opthamologist approved), so I'm guessing I just can't wear eye makeup. Suckage! The presentation may have gone well. There were no questions. We got applause. They seemed to like our idea. I kept stumbling over my words though. I was really nervous, as I always am in front of people. Not to mention the allergy thing. I'll find out my score next week.

We're stacking up 100+ degree days. Every day in the 10 days is supposed to have a high above 105F (40C), and we're already over a month straight. We're on track to break the record, which was set in 1980. That's 31 years ago. Before I was even born. Yipee.

I have Klout now. Yay! Apparently, I'm influential about bp (I'm thinking the video I posted about the bp oil spill quite a while back was sent around a lot and maybe that's why? If it was bipolar, it would probably write out the whole word, but that's just a guess). I'm also influential about phobias, blogging, blogs, Texas, moms, apple (I don't even own anything apple anymore), iphones (never had one), writing, and email. Some of those sound kind of...uh, thrown in there. But hey, my score has gone up, so I won't complain! I just don't understand all the features that go into it all quite yet....

I'm down in the single digits counting the days to the end. I finished my presentation tonight. I'm done with all my social work projects, which means now it just comes down to grading. I'll find that out next week, and I'll have that all done and over with. For psychology, I have a case study, one more quiz, and a final exam. I have wrap up appointments, and I have to finish getting professional references so I can sit to take the licensing exam. Then, in a few weeks, I can pick up my degree. I also have this overwhelming urge to go ahead and pick up an alumni sticker, but I don't want to do that quite yet....because I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. You know.

My brain isn't functioning in a full train of thought. Anxiety and all. My thoughts are scattered. My next few posts may be kind of like this, because I can't quite put it all together. I'm so nervous! This is it! The end of it all! I've been in school since I was 4....I know nothing else! Almost 20 years of school! What to do now? I have no idea. Deer in the headlights.

My brother's fiance wants to go pick out bridesmaid dresses on the one day I can't go, during my class. I want to go, but I can't! It's so frustrating, because I can't be there. At least I know I'll be dressed in blue...I want them to take pictures and send them to me, at least. That would be cool.

See how scattered my thinking is? I hope this doesn't carry over into my last paper and my final exam. Oi! Dios mio!! That would be horrible! I need to gather my thoughts.

Deuces, for now


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