24 September 2010


I'm breeding a lot of contempt for this new psychiatrist of mine. If you haven't talked to me lately, my anxiety has been sky-high ever since the whole harassment thing started. Well, I've been trying to work with my therapist and his boss on medications and stuff to help me out, at least until the new psychiatrist started. They didn't do so well. This new psychiatrist? I'd rather jump off a cliff than go see her again. Or quit medication cold turkey. The level of contempt and dislike I have for this woman exceeds any negative feelings I've had about anyone in a very, very long time. The only change she's willing to make is minimizing everything, and give me nothing strong, use a mood stabilizer for anxiety, and use weak medication that has failed in the past because she "must be conservative"......b!tch. This woman knows nothing about me. Med resistant? Doesn't matter to her. I think I know a little bit more about me than she does. She's a complete idiot. Like I said, I'd rather go jump off a cliff than go see her again.

On the other hand, I'm laughing at the witty invention of hands-free soap dispensers.....oh! I must not touch the soap dispenser, because it will get my hands dirty before I wash them!! Boy, what the world is coming to. Soon you'll be able to open bathroom doors hands-free to prevent spreading germs before going to the bathroom, and you won't have to wipe yourself, or flush the toilet on your own (oh wait, that part has already been implemented, oops!).

I also must laugh at some of the people today and how horrid their spelling is. Don't get me wrong, I still like the people, but how they passed through school with such awful spelling is beyond my understanding. Were it not for the song "glamorous", many teenagers would never figure out the word. It's not that difficult! Actually, all too often these days, people are so hellbent on saving time that they'll go to desperate measures just to save a minute. Shortening "seriously" to "srsly," "what" to "wat"....it's ridiculous. These words are already short enough!! And misspelling constantly.....sheesh. I'm no grammar nazi, but when people start making so many spelling errors that their paper has to be translated to English before I can read it.....there is a problem. LOL. And I keep hearing this radio commercial about how you could save the 20 minutes you spend shaving per day....who spends 20 minutes shaving? How could it take that long? Are they splitting individual hairs or something? So they go get laser hair removal. That extra 20 minutes (that should only take 5 in my opinion) can be saved by an exorbitantly expensive procedure to have a laser remove the hair for you. Absurd!

Anyway, since seeing the new doctor, I am rather irritated and unpleasant, so I'm gonna stop before I say something that offends someone (unless I've already offended you, then I'm sorry). Hopefully, things will improve soon, before that next appointment, so I don't have to go out searching for a cliff.

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