22 September 2010


Pronounce that word. Pronounce it correctly. Congratulations, you're the new radio DJ!!

I did an epic facepalm when I heard the radio personality on KKITM (Kidd Kraddick in the Morning) pronounced it EH-pi-tohm. Then another one did it. Then they ALL pronounced it that way. It's ee-PIT-oh-mee. That's one of the funny things about the English language, most people really don't know it that well. It's not that I'm the most grammatically correct person, or a grammar nazi, or whatnot....but I keep wondering if the collective IQ of the world is slipping as much as it seems like it is.

Driving down the street-- Stop sign at the corner. 200 meters before the stop sign? A sign warning that there's a stop sign. Isn't that kind of redundant? Interesting.

Today's biology class was kind of.....useless. We started talking about traits that are gender-based. We did one punnet square. Then people started asking questions about mixing this and that genetically, which was kind of ok. Then people started asking about twins and triplets....which led to a discussion about birth control and conception. This is not a class on reproduction!! This is a general biology class, and we spent an hour talking about what people should have learned in sex ed class in middle/high school. People were asking stuff like "What happens if you skip a day on birth control"....did they not go to school?

I'm still deciding whether or not to go to the police with all of the charges. Since the whole thing started, a little bit has been discovered at a time, until I revealed something I never had....and it's been on my mind ever since, eating away at me a little at a time. It's driving me nuts. I'm not able to eat, I'm not sleeping well, I can't focus. That's why my blogs have been less frequent. That's why I haven't really had much to say. I'll get back on the ball as soon as I can. For now.....au revoir

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