09 September 2010

Mimes shouldn't host radio shows

Just a random thought as I was passing down the highway today. What would a radio show sound like with a mime? Of course, it would be silent. You can't see what they're doing. Of course, there probably could be...say...a translator? But the person speaking wouldn't be the mime; therefore, the mime would not be the host.

I was going to go to the university office that does work-study (even though I don't qualify for work-study because of my parents' income), and ask them if they have any resources that might help me find a job. I was also going to work out. Guess what happened?

I forgot my workout clothes/towel/etc. at home this morning when I left. I had woke up kinda late, so I was in a rush and didn't think about it (I still ended up being a half hour early, thanks to all the wonderful people who parked elsewhere today!).

When I got out of class, I thought I'd go to the work-study office, but then I remembered that I had a question to ask my advisor about how I would transfer my credit from the community college to the university, and if the grade points would count. I've never transferred credits before, so I had to know. Well, after asking that, I completely forgot to go to the other office, and started on my way home, picking up a pack of floss at Target really quick on the way. I get about to the 20-820 split (I-20 splits into 2 highways- I-20 and Loop 820), and I realized----oh crap, I didn't go over there. I look at the clock and it's 3.30pm. Dammit! So I didn't go there today either. I feel like I accomplished nothing!!

I came home and re-drew my pictures of meiosis from lecture yesterday, but in colored highlighter (to make it more visual). Why does mitosis have to sound so much like meiosis? They could have called it mitosis and......plurosis, or something. Something different. Well, at least for now I have down the basic differences, and can remember that there's a Meiosis I and a Meiosis II.

I also had an intense craving for skittles today....so I got some of those too. Taste the Rainbow!

Peace, Love, and Music ☮♥♫♪

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