09 September 2010

People Like Me

Today, I was listening to the radio for a while on my way to school. Generally, I don't like to listen to the morning show much, mainly because I have a short attention span, and would rather hear music. Well, today I (for whatever reason) didn't change stations, and didn't put my CD in. Maybe I was meant to listen

The show I would listen to is on 106.1 Kiss FM. Today, one of the topics on the way to school was people who are unemployed and looking for jobs, but can't seem to find them anywhere. I've been unemployed for 10 months, and it seems everywhere I go, they're "accepting applications" but not hiring. It leaves me wondering how many applications go by the wayside, and end up thrown away. How many jobs have I applied for a job just for my application to be thrown away? It's very disappointing.

They also mentioned the sentiment that I often feel- because I'm not a part of the working world, I sometimes feel inferior and worthless, as though I have nothing to contribute because I haven't had a job in forever. Even when I had a job I felt like I had low production because I was a cashier and making barely above minimum wage. Even after 2 years (they raised the minimum wage in July 2009), I was only making 13 cents above the minimum wage- even new employees were making more than I did! I never got my next raise, I ended up leaving before that.

The terms of my leaving weren't exactly my choice, although when you look at it on paper, it looks totally voluntary. They told me that if I wanted to quit, it would save me from being fired. I was given less than a day to decide. Since it was just before my birthday, early in the holiday season, I put my money on finding a better job, and finished out my job at Target. I was late quite a few times for reasons beyond my control, which was the main reason I was asked to leave in the first place.

Unfortunately, I didn't find another job, so November came and went, and I lost my job. When I tried to file for unemployment, I was denied because "there was an abundance of available work." In their eyes, because I chose to leave (even though I was highly coerced to do so), I didn't deserve unemployment. I've had no income since then. 2010, I won't even have an income to report for federal taxes, unless I find a job soon. How does that work? Do I just not file? Do I file $0? I don't know.

Anyways, it was quite comforting to hear people tell stories very similar to mine, and Kidd Kraddick directed listeners to the show's facebook page, which is where I'm going to go when I finish this.

When I got to school today, I was humbled to see that the parking lot was barely even half full (I wonder where all those students went that were parking there before). I ended up early for class, even though I woke up late. I had enough time to create a blog! This is good for me because I hate falling behind, but it happens often because of factors over which I have no control. Thanks, students, for parking somewhere else today. Thanks, Kidd Kraddick, for listening to your listeners.

Peace, Love, and Music ☮♥♫♪

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