09 September 2010

Running on Empty

First, gas prices went up 12cents overnight. WTF QT?!?! You're supposed to be CHEAPER!! [end rant]

I haven't slept yet. I'm a bit overanxious about my homework, and also about the fact that my professor hasn't posted the notes for tomorrow yet. I'm also thinking about all the flooding going on outside- and the fact that, despite a few hours' break today, the rain just won't stop. Mother Nature, lay off for a while, why don't ya?

Is it Friday yet? Not yet? Dammit. OK....

My biology teacher is a demon. Someone walked in right after she shut the door and she told them to leave. Seriously? I mean, she hadn't even gotten back to the front of the room from shutting the door. This witch is effing PUNCTUAL.

I'm not yelling, I'm capitalizing for emphasis. Yes, I know this creates the illusion of yelling. I don't like it very much, but it creates emphasis. I suppose I could bold or italicize or underline, but I really don't want to.

I spent two hours in the library online today, because our lab happened to be a worksheet that I already finished. Swell. So I could have stayed home 2 hours and slept longer. My conscience feels so much better knowing that I was there when I didn't have to be. NOT. And The Middle was blocked by news coverage from a tornado, so I didn't even get my dinner entertainment.

My dad keeps making jokes about how I'm always sleeping, when I haven't slept past 8 since starting school. What is he thinking? Does he not see that I'm never home during the day anymore? Is he aware that I'm attending school? Does he think I go to class in my sleep? It's a little awkward trying to explain that I go to school and come home while he's at work. Yes, dad, I do. I promise.

So, last thing, now I've got this promise to myself that I've gotta keep, that I'm gonna go to the activity center (where there is a gym) and work out a bit Monday-Friday after/between classes. That should work out well because most days I'm out by 1pm, and on Tuesdays, I don't have class between 12.30 and 6.00.

Anyhow, maybe I better get some shut-eye while it's still dark. Even though I have to get up while it's still dark. Crap! Oh well, it sounded nice. Either way, I need to sleep a little. Necesito dormir! I'm not gonna bother looking up the upside-down exclamation right now. Pretend it's there. Close your eyes and imagine one there, and stop worrying about it.

Weather link talking about the flooding in the area (tell me if this link is broken, and I'll make sure to remove it

Peace, Love, and Music ☮♥♫♪

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