08 September 2010

I'm on a boat

I'm on a boat.....or I dang sure should be. Everything is flooding! The creek across the street from my house was already overtaking the bridge across, and it's STILL pouring down rain. I don't know if I mentioned this as well, but the seal on the window of my drivers' side of my car is not properly sealed.....my car is incontinent!! So when it rains outside, it also rains inside my car. When I drive, it rains inside even harder, soaking me (water in my face, covering my left side which is toward the door- pics later). I get to school, and even under my umbrella I end up soaked. My umbrella also has decided that it wants to be inside-out sometimes, as if it's some sort of fad.

Also, today, (in reference to yesterday's "Blue" blog, as well), I saw 2 more vehicles with 1 horrible blue headlight, the other the "normal" color. Do these people not understand that there are some people in this world that require balance? Do they also realize how horribly annoying it is to have blue headlights glaring in your rearview mirror? They think it might be safer because they think they can see farther (in reality, there's not much difference), and it blinds other drivers, so how can it be safer? This is just far too complicated for me to comprehend, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I showed up EARLY for my biology lab today (despite the monsoon), but......NOBODY was in the room. WTF?!?! Really? I miss the first lab, then the second lab, I'm present and nobody else is. There is something wrong with this picture, methinks. It is Wednesday, right? It was 9.30 and I waited a half hour before going to the library. Honestly, I don't understand this. Now I have to sit here and wait for the class begin at 11.45, IF she decides to hold class today, which is a big if. I checked my campus e-mail, and found nothing. Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person? If I had known this little piece of information (that there would be no lab), I would have stayed home in bed for 2 more hours! However, there was nothing in my campus emails. I also checked the life sciences department, who told me there was a lab activity (which I already completed). They said otherwise, they know nothing. The science learning center was equally dumbfounded. If class is cancelled today....I will be profoundly angry. FML

Peace, Love, and Music ☮♥♫♪

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