27 November 2010


There's this song by Chris Young called "Voices", and the basis is, which is repeated throughout the song- "I hear voices all the time". Should I question this man's sanity, or just overlook it because it's just a song? It's a strange thing, when it comes to musicians saying things like that.

Trust is a strange thing. It takes literally forever to build it up, but can be crushed by a single, simple mistake. Trivial issues can explode into horrible situations.

I wish I had someone I could trust completely, someone I could feel comfortable turning to anytime, but, alas, I no longer have that.

I do have a ton of remniscient memories from Killeen, where I lived from 1994 to 2002. My bestie was a girl named Liz, with whom I was so close that we could have been sisters.

We met on a late fall afternoon, when I was 6 and she was 7. We were both in the same grade, the age difference is a story in itself-long story short, I was one year ahead in school, and it had nothing to do with skipping grades. I was the smart one, she was the pretty, friendly, creative, caring, responsible, popular one. I'm lucky to have met her and had her for a friend as long as I did. Now she's engaged with a man whom she's been seeing for 6 years. She's happy with what her life has been giving her.

I'm happy for her, but I miss old times. There were sleepovers almost every weekend. We knew each other more than anyone else. We created a little club outside in the field behind her house, where we'd climb the fence to have meetings. Sleeping bag forts were the norm. When we weren't in school, we were together all the time. We went to Grace Lutheran Church together, got confirmed and got our first communion together.

I remember, being as graceful as I am, slipping down the slip n slide, sliding off into rocks and make a huge scrape in my foot, probably worth stitches, but we didn't get any of that done. I also remember when we came home from the pool once, and when we went to sit for a picture, she sat in an antpile (keep in mind, we were in swimsuits!!! Lol)

we were in choir together, and Girl Scouts, and even were I cheerleading together. Our parents were friends, and we'd go to Schlitterbahn together. I remember the one year we went, we waited in line a couple hours for a water slide, and by the time we got back, all the chicken had been eaten.

We really have a lot of great memories together, but times have changed us. We're now both in college, she lives ~2 hours away, and is engaged. We rarely get to talk to each other because of our busy schedules. I called her on her birthday Wednesday. Each time I talk to her, I remember how close we once were, and how distant we now are. No matter what, though, we will always be BFFLTFs. <3

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