03 December 2010


Finally, it's time for the end of the semester- the majority of my work is completed and turned in, finals week is on its way. My practice class is finished meeting, and before the extra credit I did, I stilll have an A in there :) and I think my policy class is going well so far too. We just have minor edits to make to our final paper. Biology and research still have their finals coming up, so I'll be doing a lot of studying, but at least the workload is easing up some. I actually had spare time last night! A very welcome surprise.

I had my 23rd birthday on Monday, and while I had a lot of things to do, I did take some me time to watch some shows on the DVR, and we went to Red Lobster for dinner. This was the fun part!! Our waiter was ÜBER attractive....and my age :D ; when we got there, I found out that they discontinued the shrimp that I had specifically chosen to go there for!!! I asked the waiter about it, and when he told me it had been discontinued, I said "but I specifically chose to come here for my birthday for that shrimp!!"....and he had the cook whip some up for me.

I got all goofy...I'm very shy. My parents told me that I should leave my number, but I was way too chicken; I only got so far as writing it down, but shoved it in my pocket. My mom left my number on the table, and I think I was about 20 shades of red, because I didn't get a chance to take it away before he got to it...no call yet though, which is kinda lucky because I wouldn't know what to say; I've never been with a guy before.

I saw a guy turn at a no-turn-on-red sign and immediately there were flashing red and blue lights; I had to laugh a little. Yes, the sign is very new...but it is difficult to miss! Now I know they're serious. I have no idea what the purpose is of not letting someone turn right on red like the rest of the lights....but meh, it's no big deal.

I got drug tested and a TB test for my internship on Wednesday, and even though I failed because of a prescription, I was smart enough to provide documentation so that they counted it as a pass....go me!! Don't use drugs-I got into that once, and the results aren't pretty; luckily, I was able to pull myself out of the drug use on my own. Now I know better; I learnt from the consequences. I learnt the hard way. I have to get the results of the TB test today after 15:15, so that's why I'm hanging around the school, typing a blog, maybe I'll play a few games on the iPod or study or something. Just something to pass the time, yanno?

I've got 3 finals coming up, only one of which I'm not worried about unless I accumulate another absence between now and then. I don't think I will. I get to drop the final if it's the lowest if I don't miss class; my other exam grades are enough to pull an A in lecture, it's the lab that's gonna kill me, because I missed so many (it's an early class for me which I didn't want but had no choice). Research....I hope my paper turnedout well enough to salvage my grade, but the instructor doesn't like me, so she's gonna nitpick, which is why I did the extra credit too. Pulled an all-nighter, just hoping it was worth it and all.

Signs. Apparently there are signs that I don't recognize, which lead people to tell me that they can tell I'm passionate about doing mental health social work, and they think I'll be great at it. I am passionate about it, I just didn't know I radiated that passion. They also mention how knowledgeable I am about it, but that's mostly experience speaking...but it's helpful nevertheless. Last Tuesday I had to wing a presentation because I lost my notecard, people said they could tell I knew a lot, and I ended up getting an A on the presentation. Perhaps I'm smarter than I give myself credit for, because I don't see the signs. This said, I must thank the people who put up with me and still compliment me despite the fact I can't believe any of the compliments I receive.

A lot can be told by signs. They usually mean something and are there for a reason. They help us take care of ourselves, keep us safe, and let us know when there's a problem. I heard the song "Signs" today, so it's a little stuck in my head. That song makes me pay more attention to signs. Just as long as I'm not walking into them (yes, I've done that), it's cool.

Anyway, I'm a bit tired still, so I'm gonna give myself a rest....deuces

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