28 April 2011

Spare me the headache

Due to a headache that would make the strongest people cry, making it near impossible to sit up and walk, much less look at a screen and type, this is all I will be blogging tonight. The headache makes me feel like ramming my head into a wall and screaming until my head is basically gone; the pain radiating from inside my noggin is enough to make me wonder why better headache medication doesn't exist, and I'm not even finishing my take-home exam tonight; as much as I love psychology, my head just won't let me do it right now. I'll do it soon, but not tonight.

Oh, and not knowing how to do something doesn't create an excuse for someone to claim it can't be done. Hell, that's just reason for the person to go and figure out how it's done, instead of just saying it's not possible. Think about it. And never tell me you can't do something that can be done, because I may not be a rocket scientist, but I wasn't born yesterday. You're just too damn lazy not willing to take the time to figure it out, and that pisses me off irritates me a bit.

Deuces, yo


Shar said...

Aw! I hope your head feels much better soon Ashley! Happy Friday!

XO Shar!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better, and great advice on the second paragraph. That's one of my peeves too, actually.

Just because someone can't figure it out doesn't mean that it's a restriction for other people... I also dislike people who mistake improbable with impossible.

SawHole said...

Hi Ashley,
SawHole here. I love your funky blog.
Thanks so much for your comments @Woogsworld.
Bipolar 2 is just as serious as bipolar 1, so those people who tell you at least you get happy need their heads checked by a doctor. It is not fun.
It is a long path and especially in the US health system.
I hope you get the help you deserve.
PS my email address is on the SawHole tab @Woogsworld if you want to make contact.

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