27 July 2011


I'm very flustered and anxious right now.

Completing a psychology assignment. About anxiety.

It's funny, though, I really want to be a smart-ass about the answer, because I've been searching for hours for the answer- online, in the book, in the powerpoints, in my notes, and the term "complex phobia" does not appear a single time, yet is on this huge assignment, as a question worth 6pts The question?:

Explain the difference between a simple (specific) and complex phobia. Provide one example of a simple and a specific phobia. Name the five subtypes of specific phobia and explain how they differ from each other.

There are a few problems with this question.

1) There is no definition (anywhere) of a complex phobia. They never talked about it. They never described it. (I have two professors, co-teaching). 2) They tell you to give an example of a simple and a specific phobia. Those are the same thing, if you're going by the textbook. So do I just give two examples of the same thing? 3) There are only four subtypes, not five.

The smartass in me makes me want to point out the flaws in the questioning, just as I wanted to point out the flaws in the PowerPoint today (boy, it was hard to not do so), but another part of me feels like that's a stupid idea, considering they do assign grades. Another part of me thinks maybe they didn't notice this when they wrote out the exam, and might actually appreciate someone actually pointing it out.

Another part of me thinks I'm way too overanalytical (and I think a few other people would probably agree with that). After all, I did have to shrink my writing to write a few of the other "short answer" explanations....

Wish me luck on my midterm




AiringMyLaundry said...

Good luck!

Nysha said...

I'd just combine the definitions for complex and phobia and throw in a lot of $3 words to make it sound smart. And then complain on the end-of-semester class evaluations about the accuracy of the Power Point presentations and exam questions.

♥α§ђ£ε¥™♥ said...

Nah, actually, the professors are great. They really don't have much say in the material, because they are kind of just assigned to teach the summer portion and given the materials that they must use. It's a little tricky when the materials have mistakes.

I figured it out, anyway, described it, and turns out, what I figured out was correct. No need for $3 words to make it sound smart, my short answer questions were already a half page long!

Thanks for the wishes of luck, now I'm just nervous! Waiting for the grade and all, won't get it til early next week (it's a larger sized class for a summer class)

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