09 August 2011

Day 9: A good memory

Day 9: Something that makes my life easier-

This is a difficult one. As of late, my life is all but "easy"...but it will be simpler soon, once I have my degree. Not to say it will be completely simple, as I won't be licensed or have a job yet, I'll have to work on finding a job and whatnot, but I'll be finished with my degree, and that's a positive.

Something currently that makes my life easier? I'd have to say that the fact that I retain information well definitely makes life easier. I don't remember everything, but I remember a lot of things. When it comes time to remember things, I usually do pretty well, sometimes even under pressure. Surprisingly, I test well. Not as well as I'd always like, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist.

Sometimes, it doesn't work out as an advantage- sometimes, I remember things I don't want to remember. Bad memories are hard to get rid of, and I can't choose which things I remember or forget. I wish it was that easy, but it's not.

Fortunately, for the most part, I remember the things I need and want to remember. If I need to jog my memory, I know how to do so, and that's another thing that makes my life easier- I know how I learn and remember. Of course, explaining it to someone is like explaining to someone why 1 comes after 0, but I have a natural way of reminding myself of things, and usually other people are stuped by it.

It's a good thing usually, having so many memories, being able to look back at them and see things so clearly even a decade later (or longer). I'm glad that I'm able to be able to do so, and I'm glad that I'm able to use my short-term memory to remember the things I need to remember here and now- making my life so much easier when it comes to school, listening to people, completing tasks, writing, and just doing what I need to do.

Here's to a good memory


1 comment:

Becca said...

Sounds fantastic! I have an okay memory but I retain some things wonderfully and forget other things I wish I could remember. The mind is a fascinating thing!

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