29 December 2010

2010 Rundown

Now that it's almost the end of 2010, I just want to look back at some of the things that have happened this year...even though not a lot has happened lol.

January- I got officially admitted to the school of social work, allowing me to begin my upper level courses; I went to the hospital because of an issue I was having and missed the first week of Spanish class....!! That alone brought my grade down significantly. I got pulled over because a cop suspected a DUI, when I was on the way to the doctor, but didn't give me a ticket. Another time, I took a spill at the end of the driveway, when I was trying to exercise more. Ended up skinning my knee and, oddly enough, my chin. Yes, my chin. And not the bottom of the chin either!! I don't claim to be the most graceful person ever.....

February- School, and I cut off a friendship gone south at a time that I felt was best for both me and the other person. We also had the record snowfall in the written history of Texas, and it was a blast! We'll probably never see another snowfall like that in my lifetime. *knock on wood*

March- Car wreck that still rings in my memory all the time. My car was declared totaled, but my dad had the tow truck drop it at his office, and he and my mother made repairs to it, replacing half of what was the front end. I spent spring break at home because I didn't have transportation. My Spanish professor kind of threatened to kick me out of class, and I couldn't understand her reasoning, just because I asked questions that made her think I guess, I don't know.

April- I was forced by the state of Texas to take a driving exam to prove that I was, in fact, capable of driving, because the cop that initially arrived at the scene of the accident was also the one that pulled me over for a DUI. Sucks living in a small town, right? I hit a downward spiral, but I couldn't let anyone know at the time. I got my car back toward the middle of the month.

May- I finished my spring classes relatively easily, scoring an A in all of my classes except Spanish. The rundown? This is my first semester with only one grade that was lower than a B. TCC- Microsoft Office- Word 2007: A, Business Law: A, UTA- Human Behavior and the Social Environment: A, Intermediate Spanish III: C. I tripped in the middle of the street during finals week, ruining another pair of jeans and skinning the same knee as before. Luckily, the light was red long enough for me to run to the sidewalk and try to get it to stop bleeding before hobbling to my car.

June- For the first time, I take summer courses. Relatively uneventful month. Went to Six Flags with my little sister a couple times, because we get season passes every year. Well, for the past couple years anyway.

July- We take our shortest ever vacation to St. Louis, because I have finals the week after the holiday. In our time there, we went to the casino, spent a lot of time at my grandparents' house, went to a 4th of July celebration at my aunt's house, then left. It was short & sweet. Hate that we had to drive so far & back for such a short visit. Courses run smoothly- I ace both my midterms. I apply for a job at the new HEB that's opening in town, the only one in the Ft Worth area. I make it through 3 levels of interviews, just to get a rejection email 2-3 weeks later. Bummer.

August- I complete my first summer semester with an A in both classes, my first 4.0 semester. Social Work Practice II and Social Statistics (I'd failed stats once before, so I was so psyched about this!!). Fair amount of space in between semesters, then I start the fall. The Wednesday before the classes begin, I am at my aunt's house, and I fall down ONE stair, and sprain my ankle. I bounce back quickly, though, and I'm off crutches soon after.

September- I begin this blog!! September 1 :) & in its first month I get more than 100 viewers. WOW. The guy that's been kind of laying low, but sending me messages for the past year returns, and I'm eventually forced to call the police on him after he shows up at the university (he's a non-student), finds my car, parks, enters the building to find me, and traces me down. I've been sent numerous messages online and had passively told him to leave me alone, but ended up having to bring the UTA police AND the city police into it. He stops contacting me after an officer calls and warns him to leave me alone.

October- It's becoming obvious that my research professor has taken a strong dislike toward me. There's not much I can do about it except work harder on my assignments, but I still fall face first on the midterm ending up with a 60-something on the exam, 76 average overall at the midterm. Crappy! I apply for my field placement, and get an interview set up. I sprained my knee....come to find out, I had been overcompensating from when I sprained my ankle....this time I was on crutches for like a month. I still have knee pain. I really screw up the lab midterm in bio, but I don't really care because so far, my lecture marks have been great.

November- My 23rd birthday. I write so many papers that I feel like I'm churning out a book, seriously. I have a ton of presentations too, all right before Thanksgiving, and, unfortunately all in the same day. Surprisingly, I get great feedback (as far as my portion goes) on all the presentations. Score! Unfortunately, my research prof still doesn't like me, and gives me a 55 on a paper that, had I had 1 more hour, would have been 100x better. I asked for one hour. She denied it. #$%^&. I find out that I've received my internship at MHMR Tarrant County, which makes me ecstatic....it's the closest thing I've had to a job in nearly a year!!

December- Somehow, I don't know if hell froze over, or if the cat did the grading, or perhaps she was just drunk, but I get a B in Research. Statistically, in my head, it doesn't add up, but I'm not gonna complain! I got As in both my other UTA classes, which I feel like I deserved because I really worked my ass off. This was the roughest semester of my undergraduate career, and I took 2 classes together that I shouldn't have, for scheduling purposes. I get a B in biology at TCC, which is fine because it transfers as credit hours, and my TCC GPA is still in the green. I start & finish training for my internship. I'm CPR certified, I've learnt about client rights and confidentiality and seizures and self-defense. I have a party where I drink so much (and take so much klonopin), that after smoking, I have an asthma attack and pass out-whether from the attack or from the alcohol & meds, I don't know. First party in years. I still had a blast. I think. I get back some feedback on the papers that I mostly wrote while my group members stood by idly and added a little bit, and I pretty much outwrote all of them. Hey hey!!

Stellar grades (3rd straight semester with nothing less than a C, 2nd with nothing less than a B!), a year now that I've not been in the hospital (even though I had some incidents....lol), a great party, a stalker, a car wreck that has wrecked me (I still have nightmares where I cross Hillside on 731 into a red Escalade), many many injuries (I never claimed to be graceful), the beginning of a blog that's nearing 500 views, and several friends added up and lost along the way. I think I can do better, though. Here's to the end of 2010, and the beginning of the year 2011, the year I graduate college (and consider grad school). Cheers!

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