12 September 2010


Alright, so I need some assistance from this. I know I'm posting it on the world wide web, but I have to get some advice. There's this guy that I went to lunch with once- not even a formal date. That night, he got really uhhh let's say "horny," and I swear, if his mother hadn't been home (he still lived with his parents at 26!) he would have tried to....have his way with me. I told him to get lost and never contact me again.

The entire next month, he repeatedly called me and sent emails, which I started rejecting, and finally, I changed my phone number and email and stopped viewing anything sent by him. At that time, I thought things were going well. He had sent me some creepy emails....telling me to get real and get with him, how much I "turned him on," how I shouldn't make the mistake of rejecting him, blah blah blah. This guy was talking marriage before we even went to lunch. Going to lunch made me realize what a scumbag he was, and I turned tail and fled.

For a while, he sent an email here and there to my old address, which I filed in the Spam folder. At Christmas last year, just after I had stopped working at Target, he went there 3 times, from 30 miles away, trying to contact me and give me a gift. He even tried to get them to give him my number! Luckily, they didn't. I had a few people that were willing to side with me if I filed a report back then, but I never did.

Now, more than a year after I told him to f*ing get lost, I get an email IN MY SCHOOL FOLDER. I can't change that address!! He had found me through some email finder website. Now, I'm ready to report the guy. If he had given up, there would be no issue, but this man is soooo desperate that he won't stop contacting me! I contacted yahoo a while back, and they deleted his account....and in response, he created a new one. Effective, right? Well, in getting this scumbag to leave me alone, I need to contact the police....but which police? Arlington? The police in my town? Whom, might I add, are probably not very happy with me, and I doubt would take any kind of statement from me currently for reasons I will not share. I'm not sure.

It's been nice to have a couple days off school, even if I was really depressed and in a horrible way, bad enough that I had people worrying about me. The police also did a welfare check on me around 2am last night. So....things have been....interesting? Well, tomorrow is the most dreaded day of the week for a lot of people.....Monday. Here's to hoping that this week is better than last--cheers!

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