19 November 2010

Lucky me

It seems I always have this horrible type of luck which completely wrecks things.

Take this morning for example. I got ready early, and left early...then things started to go wrong. I enter sonic, and since the drive thru part is empty, I pull up to the speaker to order my one item- a drink. She tells me to hold on, and 5 minutes later, finally takes my order. I started getting a little nervous, even though I still had a little extra time, because I wanted to look over my notes before the exam.

Things go smoothly for a while; that is, until I get into Arlington, about 5 miles before my exit.....there's a car wreck at Kelly Elliot, and the traffic is backed up, a parking lot, for ~4 miles. I try to exit early...but I don't know the area well, and it's 1 1/2 miles before I can crawl to the next exit. Unfortunately, this is through a more populated, busy part if town, but it's my only option.

I start looking for a side road name I recognize, since the cross streets at Green Oaks and Collins should be the same. Bardin!! I turn. Nope, this is only part of Bardin. Now I'm on Kelly Elliot. Do I go back to the highway? I doubt I have time. [continue driving] WTF I'm at Green Oaks again? [turn correct direction] now I'm ~3 miles from the street I need to be on, so the next crossroads should be Cooper, Matlock, then Collins. Wait, what street is this? And this? People stop slowing down, I'm running late now!!

11.37am, I finally find Collins. The exam is at 11.45 and I still have to get down Southeast Ave. and park. I step on it, almost running a red light, getting to the college around 11.44. The exam starts in one minute, and I still have to park!!! So I pull in the first parking space I see and start running to class, hoping that nobody has rushed thru the exam and finished and turned it in within 5 minutes.

11.54 I arrive in the classroom, and she's nice, she lets me take the exam. Shocking!! Now, though, I run into a few more problems. A) because I ran, I'm having an asthma attack. In the quiet lecture hall during an exam. B) I'm not supposed to be running on that knee yet. It hurts like hell. C) My phone goes off... I forgot to pit it on silent. D) I didn't get a chance to look over my notes, I come out uncertain on a lot of answers, and there are a few where I don't follow my gut feeling. Of course, I should know better.

Now here I sit, writing about my very troublesome morning...just seems to be like this every day lately. This is just one example. I'm getting discouraged, because this really sucks. It probably doesn't help that I've stopped my meds....what's the point? I feel awful with or without. I'm really losing help. Coming to the end of my rope.

Thanksgiving break in one week, I remind myself. 3 presentations on Tuesday, a research paper that has to be written in entirety over the break (Thursday-Sunday), but at least it's a little longer than a normal weekend. Well, I won't be able to do any of it on thanksgiving, but I can work on it the other few days. That is, if everything doesn't go wrong like today *facepalm* I graduate in August. I graduate in August. I hope I last that long, and don't fail anything between now and then. On the other hand, I don't know if it's worth the struggle and all the shit I go thru for this. *le sigh*

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