17 February 2011


It's been a very busy month! I've started an internship at MHMR, working on a residential treatment program for adolescent boys with substance abuse problems. It's been very rewarding so far, even though it's not initially where I thought I'd be.

I'm also up to my eyes in schoolwork, and a bunch of other little things that just make everything overwhelming. I love it all (except economics lol), so...I'll tolerate it. It's keeping me from blogging though!! A lot has happened- my mom had surgery, my grandfather had a heart attack, singles' awareness day has passed.

February 14 is a difficult day for a lot of people, especially singles, especially those who have ALWAYS been alone. I fall in this group, and it really brings me down. Seeing people who have someone that cares about them, and they're comfortable and secure, not alone...I'm jealous. I'm more aware of my singularity when it comes to this primarily commercial holiday. So, instead, I keep myself über busy all the time.

And, lately, my busy lifestyle has kept my mind off of a lot of things. Internship and school occupy most of my time and energy. I just keep going! I'm actually leaning toward suggesting a busy lifestyle for those who feel empty and useless. It's good to have something that you're passionate about to keep yourself going. Being busy also helps me to keep my mind off the stuff that makes mr feel worse.

It's been theorized that my busy lifestyle kind of drives people away. I've also been told that my intelligence drives people away (although I don't see the intelligence in myself!). Self confidence is something I lack. Today in psychology- self efficacy builds self esteem.

Keep your head up and just keep living :)


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